duminică, 13 martie 2011

Pentru toti care citesc acest blog, va rugam sa raspundeti la sondajul de langa si daca aveti ceva de adaugat puteti sa lasati un comentariu aici.

Deci... am dori sa facem niste insigne cu "I ♥ Japan" care vor fi vandute impreuna cu bratarile acelea facute de mana (informatii pe facebook) daca vor fi mai multe voturi da. Marimea uneia va fi normala, iar banii stransi vor fi trimisi in Japonia pentru victimele calamitatilor de acolo. Hope we can rase enough money for that!

vineri, 11 martie 2011


Dragi cititori, vizitatori si toata lumea. Avem un anunt. Vrem ca toata lumea sa se roage pentru oamenii din Japonia, pentru prietenii vostrii de acolo, si tuturor din aceasta lume ca sa trecem peste acest hop. Sa speram ca maine vom auzi ca nu sunt 300 de victime si nici un disparut si sa ne rugam ca asta sa fie doar un cosmar... Sa speram ca toata lumea de acolo e foarte bine si ca nu vor fi mai multe calamitati in Japonia sau mai bine spus in lume. Hai sa ne rugam in continuare pentru toata lumea si mai ales, in momentul de fata, pentru japonezi si sa ii ajutam cum putem.

Cu sinceritate, Jrock Romania

Safe Jrockers List

Known safe:
Alice Nine - all members reported safe
An Cafe - all safe
Anthem - all safe
Blackveil Brides - all safe
Blood Stain Child - all safe
DELUHI - all safe
DER ZIBET - all safe, though one member cannot be contacted.
Dir en grey and ALL staff associated with the band - all safe
Galneryus - all safe
GACKT (also Chachamura and You)
GAZETTE - all members safe
Lacroix Despheres - all members
Luna Sea - all members
Marty Friedman and band members
Matenrou Opera (@opera_ayame, @opera_yo, @opera_sonoman) - all members safe
@Masayuki_Osada:【MAVERICK DC】All of our artists and staff are safe! I appreciate your concern! M.Oishi/MAVERICK DC TOKYO JAPAN
Myproof per Tadashi @mighty_tadashi - all members safe
Nightmare - all members safe
Oblivion Dust - all members safe
HAL, Shingo, Ukusemi, and Takuma (all ex-QUAFF) - all safe
SKULLSHIT - all members safe
VERSAILLES - all members safe
VII-Sense - all members safe
XA-VAT - all members safe
X Japan - all members and staff safe per third-party twitter report, @YoshikiOfficial and @SugizoOfficial have posted to twitter

Individuals and individuals in bands:
Ageha, Rio, Kyoki of Secilia Luna
Akage and chanyou (DuelJewel) @duelakage @chanyouduel NOTE: if anyone knows about the other members of DuelJewel please tweet. Chanyou is worried for them.
DAIGO Stardust (Breakerz)
D.I.E. (ex. hide with Spread Beaver, RA:IN) @pukapyu
Dora, Hayato, Kiwamu (BLOOD)
Emira (Lareine)
Gunji, TACA, Goo (The Fool)
Hironobu Kageyama (JAM Project, Lazy, various) posting on FB
INA (ex-hide with Spread Beaver) @area014
Intetsu (Ayabie)
Jill and Louie (Rose Noire)
Jimi (ex. Chemical Pictures) @jimi_aoma
Jui (ex-Vidoll) @VidollJui
Jun (ex-Phantasmagoria, Spiv States now) @JUN_WARP
K (Moi Dix Mois)
Keiko Terada (Show-Ya) @KeikoTerada
Ken (Fake?) @Ken_lion
Ken (L'Arc~en~Ciel) @CHLionRagbaby
KENKEN (RIZE) @KenKen331 and Kenken (Plastic Tree (are they the same? O.o) @Pla_kenken
Kenichi, Nero, and Yuu from MERRY have been reported safe
Kiyoshi (ex-hide with Spread Beaver, now Mad Beavers) @freeman_kiyoshi
Levin (La Cryma Christi) @levinondrums
Lida (Dacco)
MAD Ohuchi (Anthem, TYO) @madohuchi
Maki (Alsdead)
Mao (Sid)
Masashi, Yuki, and Teru of Versailles (@Versailles_P_Q)
Maya (LM.C)
Misc @miscneko
Miya and Yukke and Tatsurou (Mucc) @mucc_miya @mucc_yukke @mucc_tatsuro
Oishi Mashairo @OISHI_MASHAIRO
RUN (Anubis)
Ryonai (Blam Honey)
Ryu (Girugamesh) @real_girugamesh
Ryu and Sophia (Blood Stain Child)
Ryutaro (Plastic Tree) @pla_ryutarou
Sakura (ex-L'Arc, CREATURE CREATURE) @sakurazawa
Shu (TAIJI with HEAVENS) @Shu_gtr
Shuse (ex La Cryma Christi, Acid Black Cherry) @shuse0317
Stevie (44Magnum)
Suoh (@suoh_dr)
Taiji (ex-X, ex-Loudness, TKRA, TAIJI with HEAVEN'S) @TAIJIOfficial but he forgot his e-mail addy for it, tweet @Shu_gtr to communicate with him
Taka (ex Underneath, Defspiral) @TAKA_defspiral
Takumi @takumisamejima
Takayoshi Ohmura
Tatsu (Gastunk, TKRA)
Tetsuya Komuro (@Tetsuya_Komuro)
Toshi Nagai
T.M. Revolution
Yama-B (ex-Galneryus, AxBites) @YAMA_B
Yuki (MIX SPEAKERS INC) @Yuki_msi
Yukiro Dravarious @Dravarious
Zero (Despairs Ray) @despairsrayzero

Am luat-o de pe un blog. 

miercuri, 9 martie 2011

Se filmeaza PV in ROMANIA!

Am fost instiintati pe facebook ca un PV al unei trupe japoneze va fi filmat in Romania. Trupa se numeste Ant1nett. Ei au mai concertat la noi, dar nu multa lume stia.
Acesta este site-ul oficial http://www.runa1945.us/
Vor filma PV-ul in luna Aprilie, in Brosov si Bucuresti. Au spus ca ne vor da PV-ul cand va fi gata editat. Hope it will be a good one!

luni, 7 martie 2011

Jrock TV petition

Aici este o petitie in legatura cu o petitie pentru o televiziune jrock. Please sign it!!


duminică, 6 martie 2011

Guild new EP

ギルド (GUILD) have announced that they’ll be releasing 「Spring EP 2011〜La Primavera〜」on April 20th!

It will come in 3 types – both limited types will cost 1500 yen, while the regular one 1000 yen.

Limited Edition A:

1. ウソじゃない (Uso Janai)
2. 妄想ライセンス (Mousou License)
3. ハナビラ (Hanabira)
4. My Life

1.ウソじゃない PV -ストーリープレイ編- (Uso Janai PV -Story Play Hen-)
2.ウソじゃない PV Making (Uso Janai)
3.Party (live)
4.Burning Love (live)

Limited Edition B:

1. ウソじゃない (Uso Janai)
2. 妄想ライセンス (Mousou License)
3. ハナビラ (Hanabira)
4. My Life

1. ウソじゃない PV -ダンスプレイ編- (Uso Janai -Dance Play Hen-)
2. Happiness is The Way (Live)
3. 単身不妊 (live) (Tanshin Funin)
4. Shining Day (live)

Regular Type:

1. ウソじゃない (Uso Janai)
2. 妄想ライセンス (Mousou License)
3. ハナビラ (Hanabira)
4. My Life

【Extra CD】
1.ウソじゃない PV -ミックスプレイ編- (Uso Janai -Mix Play Hen-)

To commemorate the release they will hold few oneman lives:

April 1st @ Osaka Fukushima 2nd LINE
April 3rd @ Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE
April 29th @ Nagoya ell. SIZE

Tickets for each concert are 2500 yen in advance and 3000 yen at the door, but it seems that the Nagoya live has already been sold out!

sâmbătă, 5 martie 2011

UnSraw se destrama

Dupa ce trupa a anuntat pe site-ul oficial ca vocalistul Yuuki va pleca din trupa, au mai anuntat si ca trupa se va destrama.
Acestea sunt urmarile nenumatelor lor discutii despre viitorul trupei si au decis ca e mai bine daca se destrama.
We hope it's a good decision...

joi, 3 martie 2011


Orochi interview!!!

01. Please introduce yourselves.

Vocal and flute – Lord USHI-WAKA - I have the Strength of the Valley’s Howl, the gift which can bring together in harmony all angels and beasts. 
Guitar – YUKI-MURA – I am the Allayer by the Butterflies’ Caress, my fingers soothe all pains and paint sounds of colored velvet wings.
Bass – MITSU-HIDE – I wear the Sleep-Proof Veil of the Night to protect the land and sky while creatures of the Day are asleep.
Drum – GENJI-HOTARU – I am the Son of the Thunderlight, a shadow striking the sky and exploding the silence for the thrills of peace.

02. How long have you all known each other? How did you meet?

Immortals don’t keep track of time.
Everything the Japanese do comes instinctual and it is only to fulfill our life’s mission and duty.

03. Describe every member in one word.

Y about U – Shogun
U about Y – Narcissist
H about M - Crazy
M about H - Loved

04. How are your rehearsals generally like?

Rehearsal is really strict but we are enjoying the music.
We put ourselves in every single note.
Soulful music is what’s happening at the rehearsal studio.

05. If you could make a tour with a band, what band would it be?

U: Michael Jackson
Y: Bach
M: Dream Theatre
H: none

06. If you could do any magic, what would that be?
U: Return to human form
Y: Put on butterfly wings and fly
M: Remember everything
H: Throwing my drum sticks at a 1 km away target

07. What did you want to be as a kid?

U: Samurai
Y: Beautiful butterfly
M: Sky
G: Baseball player

08. What was the first CD you bought?

U: Yosakoi
Y: Amuro Namie
M: Extrema
G: Angra

09. Do you have any good or bad habits?

U: Too much guts to complete the missions.
Y: Sometimes gentle like an angel, but sometimes devil or all at once.
M: Nervous and thinking of small things too much.
G: Staying up at night and sleeping during the day.

☆10. What was the subject at school that you liked and which you didn't?

U: I liked History and English and didn’t like Math
Y: I liked Japanese and Craftwork - cooking, painting, sewing (we have such subjects) and didn’t like Science
M: Just liked Sports and hated Math
G: I liked Math and didn’t like Japanese

11. Is there someone you'd like to meet?

U: Amateras
Y: My alien brothers
M: My ancestors
G: no one

12. What was the funniest or the most awkward thing ever happened to you?

U: The feeling of flying to another dimension during a concert.
Y: Losing my alien antennas.
M: Seeing a black ghost by my bed.
G: Seeing a hole instead of my earlobe.

13. What's your favorite motto?

U: Respect nature!
Y: Love and Peace
M: Kind to the stranger
G: Concentrate!

14. What's your favorite food?

U: Sushi Steak Pasta Rice.
Y: Sushi without wasabi
M: Natto
G: Katsudon and soba

15. Who are your musical influences?

U: All. Land. Sky. Universe.
Y: birds crying
M: trains running and nature
H: hitting everything

16. Who are your idols and why?

U: Yamato Takeru
Y: Samurai Sanada Yukimura in 17C
M: 8 million deities from the Japanese myths
G: Secret

17. What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

U: Believe in your power.
Y: A fan can exceed his idol.
M: Do not stop playing.
H: Do it!!!

18. From this tour, what place are you aiming to see?

U: Old buildings and my birth place in Wien
Y: Museums and a classical concert
M: European forest
G: Top view of every city

19. What was the most impressive thing at a live up until now?

U: Winning a bands’ competition
Y: To see more fans than the venue’s capacity could handle
M: Fans calling my name
H: Every show is impressive

20. Please say a word to the fans.

U: Come and go mad!!!
Y: Enjoy!
M: Shake the floor of the venue.
G: Come to me!