joi, 3 martie 2011

Orochi interview!!!

01. Please introduce yourselves.

Vocal and flute – Lord USHI-WAKA - I have the Strength of the Valley’s Howl, the gift which can bring together in harmony all angels and beasts. 
Guitar – YUKI-MURA – I am the Allayer by the Butterflies’ Caress, my fingers soothe all pains and paint sounds of colored velvet wings.
Bass – MITSU-HIDE – I wear the Sleep-Proof Veil of the Night to protect the land and sky while creatures of the Day are asleep.
Drum – GENJI-HOTARU – I am the Son of the Thunderlight, a shadow striking the sky and exploding the silence for the thrills of peace.

02. How long have you all known each other? How did you meet?

Immortals don’t keep track of time.
Everything the Japanese do comes instinctual and it is only to fulfill our life’s mission and duty.

03. Describe every member in one word.

Y about U – Shogun
U about Y – Narcissist
H about M - Crazy
M about H - Loved

04. How are your rehearsals generally like?

Rehearsal is really strict but we are enjoying the music.
We put ourselves in every single note.
Soulful music is what’s happening at the rehearsal studio.

05. If you could make a tour with a band, what band would it be?

U: Michael Jackson
Y: Bach
M: Dream Theatre
H: none

06. If you could do any magic, what would that be?
U: Return to human form
Y: Put on butterfly wings and fly
M: Remember everything
H: Throwing my drum sticks at a 1 km away target

07. What did you want to be as a kid?

U: Samurai
Y: Beautiful butterfly
M: Sky
G: Baseball player

08. What was the first CD you bought?

U: Yosakoi
Y: Amuro Namie
M: Extrema
G: Angra

09. Do you have any good or bad habits?

U: Too much guts to complete the missions.
Y: Sometimes gentle like an angel, but sometimes devil or all at once.
M: Nervous and thinking of small things too much.
G: Staying up at night and sleeping during the day.

☆10. What was the subject at school that you liked and which you didn't?

U: I liked History and English and didn’t like Math
Y: I liked Japanese and Craftwork - cooking, painting, sewing (we have such subjects) and didn’t like Science
M: Just liked Sports and hated Math
G: I liked Math and didn’t like Japanese

11. Is there someone you'd like to meet?

U: Amateras
Y: My alien brothers
M: My ancestors
G: no one

12. What was the funniest or the most awkward thing ever happened to you?

U: The feeling of flying to another dimension during a concert.
Y: Losing my alien antennas.
M: Seeing a black ghost by my bed.
G: Seeing a hole instead of my earlobe.

13. What's your favorite motto?

U: Respect nature!
Y: Love and Peace
M: Kind to the stranger
G: Concentrate!

14. What's your favorite food?

U: Sushi Steak Pasta Rice.
Y: Sushi without wasabi
M: Natto
G: Katsudon and soba

15. Who are your musical influences?

U: All. Land. Sky. Universe.
Y: birds crying
M: trains running and nature
H: hitting everything

16. Who are your idols and why?

U: Yamato Takeru
Y: Samurai Sanada Yukimura in 17C
M: 8 million deities from the Japanese myths
G: Secret

17. What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

U: Believe in your power.
Y: A fan can exceed his idol.
M: Do not stop playing.
H: Do it!!!

18. From this tour, what place are you aiming to see?

U: Old buildings and my birth place in Wien
Y: Museums and a classical concert
M: European forest
G: Top view of every city

19. What was the most impressive thing at a live up until now?

U: Winning a bands’ competition
Y: To see more fans than the venue’s capacity could handle
M: Fans calling my name
H: Every show is impressive

20. Please say a word to the fans.

U: Come and go mad!!!
Y: Enjoy!
M: Shake the floor of the venue.
G: Come to me!

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