marți, 12 aprilie 2011

Kazuno de la Charlotte a murit

To all the fans of Charlotte…

Kazuno, the vocalist of our humble company’s artist, Charlotte, succumbed to sudden illness and passed away on April 5th, at 12:51am.

For all of those who had supported Charlotte and Kazuno, and to all our friends and relations, really, truly, thank you.

As per the wishes of the family of the deceased, the funeral and wake will be private and limited to close family and relations.

We give our utmost gratitude to all the fans, and we hope with all of our hearts that Kazuno will continue to live on in everybody’s hearts.

April 11, 2011 Nerve Records LTD

Charlotte members and staff

2 comentarii:

  1. nuuuu~uu T______T am fost atat de trista cand am aflat! D=

  2. ce? vai ce urat....chiar imi placea. O trupa grozava, cu un feeling : you're special! Melodii ca Diamond Busaiku.... Have a nice day, there in eden, Kazuno-sama.